Pay per click (PPC) Advertising Course

A small group of delegates led by a live highly experienced digital marketing professional

Whatever level of experience you have. Our highly experienced course trainers operate a "leave no person behind" policy.

Pay per Click Advertising online course 

Join 3000 successful other Marketing professionals !



Join the wait list for our next Google adwords and paid search advertising training course. There are various class dates available in a time zone to suit you. Your course trainer will contact you to arrange a suitable date for you.

Your friendly course instructor will guide you through a live pay per click training course. You can ask questions of your trainer and get further in-depth guidance on items you or your business are finding challenging to answer.

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Pay per Click Advertising LIVE online training course 

Join 3000 successful other Marketing professionals !



We have trained over 3000 marketing professionals in a wide range of digital marketing skills from Search engine optimization, to Paid search, data management and google analytics. With over 25 years of practical experience, we challenge you come up with a question we can't resolve !

We also offer bespoke training for marketing departments if you want to raise the game of your entire team.

Join the waitlist for this popular course and we will contact you with date and time options to suit you :

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Join over 3000 marketing professionals like you


Dodl by AJ Bell

"Thank you Graham Hansell for your time and expertise. Google Ads is such a big beast to grasp but you made it interesting and really informative. I'd definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to better their understanding and practical application of Google PPC."


Really pleased to have passed this today PPC & Google Ads. Graham Hansell was truly fantastic

Ximena Blanco

Ercol Furniture

Thank you to Graham Hansell for this very informative and thorough course on PPC Google Ads. A lot was covered and I now look forward to being able to apply my knowledge to a successful ad campaign.

Monika Witney - Digital Marketing Executive

JT Atkinson & Sons Ltd

The course was great and Graham is really knowledgeable. I was very nervous before joining the course because I had very little knowledge prior to this, but Graham made me feel really at ease throughout. Naturally, the course was very information intensive, but the delivery made the mass amounts of information really easy to take in, understand and implement after the course has finished. I am now much more confident about my PPC knowledge and skills. I have even recommended that some other members of my team take part in the course as well.

Jess Bijok - Marketing Coordinator

About the Google adwords (PPC) online training course

The Paid search or Pay per click training course is a comprehensive live online training course. Google is the 800 pound gorilla of search and so this course focuses on Google adwords at its core. The course is hosted over zoom. You will be in a small group of other marketing professionals. In a friendly "ask any question" environment.

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We will lead you through the following framework, which 3000 other marketing professionals have benefited from:

  • A thorough understanding of all the major concepts in Google Ads.
  • Gain a solid background for planning and researching to assist in your paid search campaign setup.
  • Basic to advanced concepts of Google Search Network
  • How to make a profitable PPC campaign that delivers results
  • How to build an ROI model for Pay Per Click marketing
  • Identify your best target audiences.
  • Learn About Audience Research using Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Keyword Planner
  • Learn from and beat a PPC competitor
  • How to restructure your PPC campaigns for better results
  • Use attribution and set-up conversions for better results
  • Learn the Latest Ad Type Responsive Search Ads For Effective Ad Creation
  • PPC ads copywriting with Responsive Search Ads
  • The key points of effective Google PPC management
  • How To Optimize and improve your Google Ads Campaign On All Key Parameters
  • Collecting, measuring, and managing PPC reporting
  • How to select and work with a PPC agency

Join the waitlist for this popular course and we will contact you with date and time options to suit you :

We do not sell your data to a 3rd party

Who is this course for?

  • Marketing Managers and Executives doing B2B or B2C marketing campaigns
  • Managers who are required to plan and implement PPC campaigns

Who is this course not for ?

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