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Winning Digital marketing team training

Sitelynx is the best at training in what your Team needs

Your team will get the best training, the latest knowledge, and the strongest confidence in these essential digital marketing disciplines.

Google Analytics 4
  • We can train your team in our powerful DECIDE Analytics framework:

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Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

We can train your team in our powerful DEPLOY PPC framework:

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Search Engine Marketing Planning

Search Engine Marketing is a complex subject with new marketing channels and challenges seem to be appearing each week!

Using the proven DEFINE SEM methodology Sitelynx can train your team to have successful SEM no matter the changes.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nobody has been doing SEO longer than Sitelynx.

Learn from the specialists to build successful Discovery search visibility, response and conversions.

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Do you feel your Digital marketing team need to upskill together?

That individuals are working at cross-purposes or some team members need help. Then talk to us about how to supercharge your team and get the business results you need faster.

Identify and agree common team objectives.

Work the training delivery, with your data leading the way

Bespoke your digital training course to your company and your industry field

Bring the team together. Identify where there are tasks to be completed for success.

Your Digital team training can be delivered via Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet

Our trainers have a “leave no person behind” ethos. To pull your whole team together.

Different levels of experience within your team ?

We can tailor your digital training course to match the skill sets you already have. This is bespoke digital training and it is designed to exactly fit the needs of your team and the needs of your business.

Large team or small team ?

We run online live training courses for 5 people and up to 30 people. We will provide you with a quotation depending on the number of people attending.

I don't want the entire team on an away day at the same time !

We can work up a timetable to suit your business, let us know the challenge and the amount of staff you need trained and the experience levels you already have and we will recommend a training program to suit you.

All our training is conducted by a LIVE course director who will take questions and bring the team together over the day

Special note: Google Universal Analytics will stop collecting data in June 2023

Many businesses are taking the opportunity to upskill more team members in Google analytics 4 giving wider accessibility to digital data analysis.

We offer a training course to convert existing Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 users whilst also introducing new team members to the new format data and reports.

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Chat with us or write us brief that describes your team and what you are trying to achieve. We can talk through your challenges and work out the type of training and subjects that will accelerate your team's performance.