GA4 for Administrators

Google Analytics 4 Live Training course for Adminstrators

Learn GA4 Data Privacy Setup

This course will allow you to manage the “fear of change” in your Google Analytics Users as they move to GA4.

dministrators are in a unique position and need to consider carefully the data metrics they apply as they transition from Universal to GA4. These decisions can have a material impact on the bottom line for your Company. This course will structure the questions you need to consider for:

  • Daily Users
  • Senior managers 
  • Legal teams 
  • Board members

As well as addressing the technical challenges of the new measurement system, we will introduce you to the new features of Google Analytics 4 and the changes between this and Google Universal Analytics.

This GA4 course is for people in charge of Google Analytics 4 in a organization.

How to manage GA4 for a team of people and give them the best reporting experience. This course will help you to manage the “fear of change” in your Google Analytics Users in their move to GA4.

This course will show you how to plan measurement for your enterprise in Google Analytics 4.

The course will also show you how to ensure your GA4 setup is collecting data in the most effective way using Google Tag Manager with Google Consent mode.

Real-World examples using Google Tag Managers, GA4 and Google Data Studio

Learn how to produce Conversions, Insights, Alerts, Dashboards, Reports and Analysis

The course will also lead you through how to apply reporting using the new tool kit of Google Analytics 4 and Google Data Studio

In this online Google Analytics course you will learn :

  • How to plan your GA4 setup with a Measurement Plan
  • How to setup your GA4 efficiently and effectively
  • How to minimize the “impact” of moving from Google Universal Analytics to GA4
  • Set up your GA4 to send you automated alerts on major site changes to Users
  • How to centralize marketing UTM campaign tagging for more clarity in reporting
  • Produce GA4 reports and automate their delivery with Google Data Studio
  • Secure commercial revenue data from Users who have no right to access
  • Options to filter out employee traffic in Google Analytics 4
  • When to use GA4 standard reports, Explorations and Data Studio for your Users reporting

Who is the online course for?

Website AdministratorsPeople who have a team of Users who access GA4People who need to move Users from Google Universal Analytics to GA4

What your will need:Google Universal Analytics setupGoogle Analytics 4 to be setup or setup Google Tag Manager for Google Consent Mode

This course is not for:

  • GA4 360 Administrators
  • Normal GA4 Users, please see our other GA4 courses
  • People looking to just learn Google Tag Manager or Data Looker Studio

Live Expert Guidance

Benefit from live, interactive sessions with an experienced course instructor, allowing for in-depth guidance and the opportunity to ask questions specific to your or your business's challenges.

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Real-World Applications

The course includes hands-on examples using Google Analytics 4 to collect conversions, understand standard reports, filter and compare data, and more, ensuring practical learning that can be directly applied.

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Learn Web Analytics from scratch

Gain the confidence to not only use Google Analytics 4 effectively but also to explain its insights and data to anyone, enhancing your professional credibility.

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Insights & Action Lead Learning

The format allows for a paced learning experience, providing ample time for reflection, experimentation, and confidence-building with Google Analytics 4, all conducted in a secure, privacy-respecting environment.

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Comprehensive GA4 Training

Leverage over 20 years of practical experience in digital marketing analytics for SEO, paid search, and data management, with a proven track record of training over 3,000 marketing professionals.

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Flexibility and Convenience

The course is split over two sessions, offering flexibility to reflect, experiment, and build your confidence with GA4. All questions will be answered and nobody is left behind.

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GA4 For Admins Is For You

Join our next Google Analytics 4 training course so you get the best LIVE training online. The course will help you to manage GA4 for a team of people and give them the best reporting experience.

The Google Analytics 4 Administrators LIVE course is very popular. We operate a wait list to match you to a suitable time and date that is convenient for you. Please send us your email and your trainer will be in touch to organize with you

Your friendly course instructor will guide you through a LIVE Google Analytics 4 training course online. You can ask questions of your trainer and get further in-depth guidance on items you or your business are finding challenging to answer.

We have trained over 3,000 marketing professionals like you in a wide range of digital marketing skills from Search engine optimization, to Paid search, data management and Google Analytics. With over 25 years of practical experience, we challenge you come up with a question we can't resolve !

We also offer bespoke training for marketing departments if you want to raise the game for your entire team.

Our Google Analytics 4 for Administrators training course is the perfect solution for you.

The Google Analytics 4 administrators online training course is a comprehensive live online training course. The course is hosted over zoom. You will be in a small group of other marketing professionals. In a friendly “ask any question” environment.

Online training course delivery

Following best practice for virtual training the training course is broken into 45 mins chapters with breaks in between to allow you time to get your energy back.

Your course director is live in the zoom session with you and will lead you through the course taking questions and resolving the challenges you maybe facing with your Google Analytics 4.

We recommend you to treat this as “offsite training”. There will be a lot of information exchanged and this will be difficult to absorb if you are also trying to do your day job in parallel.

This is a live interactive online course, involving discussion and growth. We leave no person behind.

Graham’s GA4 training for Admins and Users was invaluable to our preparation and delivery of the migration from UA to GA4.
Understanding the fundamentals of the new GA4 platform laid the perfect foundation to better-understand how we can best leverage the new tools and insights available from GA4 for our business.
Working within him 1:1 ensured the time spent was perfectly aligned with our business needs. All in, we moved from trepidation to optimism about living with GA4.
Al Conroy
Ecommerce Consultant
My team recently participated in a customized in-company GA4 training session led by Graham Hansell of Sitelynx.
Graham is very knowledgeable, helpful and patient, leveraging his extensive experience to provide meaningful insights into the GA4 tool.
He took time to understand our current GA setup, business goals, and tailored the training to our specific needs and use cases, focusing on the areas and metrics that are most relevant to us.
Graham’s training not only answered our questions, but it also provided the essentials to understanding GA4, gave us a great look at new features and capabilities, and caught us up on the latest best practices. It has helped us improve our use of GA4 and gain valuable insights into our business.
Overall, the training was a great investment for our company – we highly recommend it to other professionals using GA4.
Customer Name
Customer Title
I’ve worked with Graham at two different businesses now and I can’t recommend his training sessions enough.
For months GA4 was just a looming grey cloud we avoided talking about, but now we feel comfortable and excited for the change after seeing the art of the possible.
Graham kindly tailored the course to our specific requirement, leaving no stone unturned and no questions unanswered.
Fergus Bell
Digital Commerce Director

Course Modules

This course will cover everything from planning, setup and training your own users in GA4

  • Learn all the available data sources
  • What is counted and how
  • Best Practice Account > Property structure

  • Measurement plan
  • Installation of GA4 using Google Tag
  • Installation GA4 using Google Tag Manager
  • Installation GA4 using WordPress
  • Events and conversion (the replacement for GUA goals)
  • Testing GA4 setup

  • Consent Mode 2.0 in GTM and Google Tag
  • Cross domain tracking
  • User access control
  • Filter out Work Network IP
  • Manage referrals

Acquisition sources




  • Life Cycle Reports Collection
    • Acquisition
    • Audience
    • Behavior
    • Conversions
  • Business Objectives Reports Colletion
  • Search Console Reports Collection
  • User Reports Collection
  • Advertising Reports
  • Report customization for the standard Reports to increase GA4 user experience.

  • What you can do with Exploration reports
  • When to use Exploration reports
  • Example reporting using the main templates
  • Best Practice Sharing Explorations

Admin? You Need Our GA4 Training

Ensure you are setting your GA4 web analytics users on the right path, given all the changes to Data Privacy, User and Session data collection.

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