Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Training Courses for all levels of users from Beginners to Admins

Full Support For The Change to GA4 Data Privacy

With the change in Google Analytics, this will impact a variety of digital roles in different ways.

However, Sitelynx is here to help with our GA4 training courses, which cover every aspect of the impact of losing Universal Analytics (UA).

Sitelynx has built many training courses for Google Analytics 4 to help specific people with specific digital job roles.

All the training courses are with a live trainer and role-specific to turbocharge your learning.

Learnt all about Google Analytics & it's future during the Google Analytics course yesterday.
Thank you to Graham Hansell again for an engaging and interesting course, I look forward to my next one!
#GoogleAnalytics #googleanalytics4
Kate Sycamore
Digital Marketing Executive
A real highlight working with Graham Hansell on Google Analytics 4 training.
Graham breaks it down and minimises the noise so you can start focusing in on how you can use the data to determine your story.
#googleanalytics4 #personaldevelopment
Katy Andić
Head of Marketing
Getting to grips with GA4 can be a formidable experience. Graham’s knowledgable, step-by-step approach to using GA4, & clear calm delivery made understanding this complex but powerful tool less scary & more empowering. Brilliant – thanks Graham
Richard Pollock
Communications, Marketing and Events Manager
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    GA4 for Administrators Training Course

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Successfull GA4

Don't struggle with GA4 – get trained by the GA4 experts and move your business forward

The transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 represents a paradigm shift, a transformative journey that demands a new understanding, a fresh perspective on web measurement. 

Change Is Happening To All Digital Marketing

Are you ready to ride the wave of change rather than be swept away by it?

Training in Google Analytics 4 offers an unprecedented chance to equip yourself with cutting-edge skills, to stay a step ahead in a world where data speaks louder than words.

Change Is Happening To All Digital Marketing

Are you ready to ride the wave of privacy-first change rather than be swept away by it?

Training in Google Analytics 4 offers an unprecedented chance to equip yourself with cutting-edge skills, to stay a step ahead in a world where privacy first data speaks louder than words.

We must evolve our marketing, embrace the future, and equip ourselves for what comes next

 Seize your chance to develop Insights, Actions and Grow – today.

The Benefits of Professional GA4 Training

Our GA4 training course, tailored to deliver by your Live Tutor in-depth, hands-on learning, is your bridge to the future, a ladder to climb the highest peaks of digital analytics.

With the guidance of our GA4 experts, who bring a wealth of 27 years plus industry experience and practical insights, you will dive deep into the ocean of analytics, emerging with a treasure of knowledge and expertise.

It is here, on this journey, that our comprehensive GA4 training courses and Google Analytics 4 training come into play, turning uncertainty into mastery, hesitation into action.

Professional GA4 Training For Everyone

We have specialized Google Analytics 4 courses covering:

  • Administrators
  • Marketers New to Web Analytics
  • Universal Anaytics (UA) experts
  • Social Media and PR specialists
  • For Search Engine Optimizers (SEO)
  • PPC Google Ads managers

Because it is more than just GA4 training; it is an immersive, transformative experience which will teach you about Insight Driven Analytics.

GA4 – Energizing Your Marketing

 Our courses takes you on an exciting journey, helping you decode the mysteries of GA4, unravel the threads of data and analytics, and weave them into a data story of meaningful insights.By joining one of our GA4 training courses, you don’t merely learn, but you grow. You become a part of a learning community, a shared space of knowledge and exploration where every challenge is a chance to innovate, every question a step toward understanding.As the digital world surges forward, we are at a juncture where adaptation is not enough.

Our Google Analytics 4 courses gives you the keys to unlock the future. Seize the opportunity, embrace the challenge, and become the GA4 expert you are destined to be.

Live Expert Guidance

Benefit from live, interactive sessions with an experienced course instructor, allowing for in-depth guidance and the opportunity to ask questions specific to your or your business's challenges.

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Real-World Applications

The course includes hands-on examples using Google Analytics 4 to collect conversions, understand standard reports, filter and compare data, and more, ensuring practical learning that can be directly applied.

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Learn Web Analytics from scratch

Gain the confidence to not only use Google Analytics 4 effectively but also to explain its insights and data to anyone, enhancing your professional credibility.

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Insights & Action Lead Learning

The format allows for a paced learning experience, providing ample time for reflection, experimentation, and confidence-building with Google Analytics 4, all conducted in a secure, privacy-respecting environment.

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Comprehensive GA4 Training

Leverage over 20 years of practical experience in digital marketing analytics for SEO, paid search, and data management, with a proven track record of training over 3,000 marketing professionals.

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Flexibility and Convenience

The course is split over two sessions, offering flexibility to reflect, experiment, and build your confidence with GA4. All questions will be answered and nobody is left behind.

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I'm a GA4 whizz now 👩‍🎓!

Well, maybe not, BUT I at least have an idea of how it works now and is already on it to transition us over.
Thanks, Graham Hansell, for an outstanding training session 👏
Tess Parsons-Broome
Marketing Manager

Great GA4 Insights

With the end of Universal Analytics, it's time to get up close and familiar with Google Analytics 4.
Thanks, Graham Hansell, for the great “insights” on the new analytics platform!
Rajni Bhattiprolu
Marketing Manager

Thank you for sharing your knowledge

I’m happy to share that I’ve obtained a new certification: Google Analytics 4 (GA4)!
#GoogleAnalytics4 #GA4
Anna Loughran
Digital Marketing Officer

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