Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ethical and professional SEO is requried for the optimization of your organic search engine traffic.

Having done SEO fro over 25 years Sitelynx can provide an SEO optimization service both professionally and ethically.

Organic SEO services cover both on-site and off-site search engine optimization via SEO consultancy, search engine optimization support and SEO training courses.

Sitelynx works alongside your marketing, content writers, site developers and SEO managers to ensure the site is Search Engine Friendly and then compete with your SEO competition.

SEO Company Success

Sitelynx has always focused on the business goals of SEO. I can make any website Search Engine Friendly but for SEO you need to define and deliver SEO Business Objectives.

So first step is what do you want more of for you business? Marketing Qualified Leads, eCommerce sales, new customers?

I can tell you now my SEO is about brand marketing and sales NOT technical and traffic.   

Business Focused SEO Consultancy

New website SEO Researched, Planned and Launch

I will ensure your best SEO investment return

Search Engine Optimization Support

Doing SEO in your company but need regular help, confidence building and technical support?

I will improve your SEO investment as it grows

SEO Training Courses

Have a Team that have learned SEO "on the job"?

Let me train them in a structured successful SEO investment framework

Learn SEO from me

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Get My Search Engine Optimization Training Courses

With 25+ years experience of SEO, my search engine optimization training courses cover all aspects of SEO:

  • Search Audience & Competitor Research
  • Content SEO and Editorial Planning
  • Technical SEO and site Trust
  • Linking onsite, offsite and social sharing
  • SEO Reporting
  • B2B Search Engine Optimization 
  • eCommerce SEO

About the Author

I have been doing Search Engine Optimization since before Google (oh those 90's Search Engines where so fun!). I founded Sitelynx in 1996 following a year working at the UK's first web directory.

I was watching all these search queries coming in, and thought "if a company can answer these questions, that has to be powerful!"

So started the UK's first SEO, Sitelynx and incorporated it in 1997. 

Myself and my companies have worked across the world in most sectors targeting most audiences.
I produce practical SEO, PPC & Analytics solutions with a strong focus on the 20% that produces the 80% impact.

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