Oct 15

Google Analytics 4 – should you move from Google (Universal) Analytics?

By Graham Hansell | Google Analytics

With the launch of the new Google Analytics, called Google Analytics 4, there is a lot of attention and debate this new web measurement tool for the 2020's.

Google Analytics or GA4?

In this as with everything at the moment, there are risks as well as rewards to the change. I will run through the pros and cons of both systems, and give you a practical guide to how to decide Google (Universal) Analytics or Google Analytics 4?

History of Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics 4?

Lead Generation – GA or Google Analytics 4?

eCommerce – Google Analytics or GA4?

Content Marketing – GA or GA4?

Affiliates – GA or GA4

So what is the smart way to move to Google Analytics 4

Mar 02

Paid Search Training Test

By Graham Hansell | Training

Paid Search an introduction to PPC, Google Ads, Facebook ads and MORE


There are many digital advertising options available. This Paid Search training course will help you to understand the difference between them and the practicalities of setting up and getting started.
You will learn the fundamentals of setting up a Google Adwords Campaign. What the terminology means, what are the best practices to follow and how to use measurement to identify both success and failure.
PPC budgets can easily run away from your control this course will also walk you through the basics of budget setting so your PPC campaign is a success.
This training course is practical and you will need access to your own Google Adwords account to complete the in class exercises.

For more information on this course and to find out more on other courses run by sitelynx call us on Tel: (44) 207 729 1249 or email us at Info@