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Search Engine Optimization

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The Sitelynx Search Engine Optimization courses are highly respected tutor lead virtual zoom based seo training classes.

They are practical "hands on" training with the Course Leader (Graham Hansell) showing you thorugh your own website data and  answering your own questions. 

The Sitelynx seo training courses are known for being really insightful, giving participants skills to increase their organic traffic by 100%+.

Your friendly course instructor Garham Hansell, will guide you through a live online search engine optimization training course.

You can ask questions of your trainer and get further in-depth guidance on SEO items you or your business are finding challenging to answer.

We operate in a "leave no person behind" environment. The training groups are small and your participation and questions are encouraged.

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Graham Hansell has trained over 3,000 marketing professionals in a wide range of digital marketing skills from Search engine optimization cpurses, to Paid search (PPC) training, and Google Analytics 4 classes.

With over 25 years of practical digital marketing experience, we challenge you come up with a question he can't resolve!

We also offer bespoke training for marketing departments if you want to raise the game of entire team.

About the Sitelynx Search Engine Optimization courses - a SEO training class that works!

Let us guide you through the work practices and methods you can apply to your website to get more organic website traffic from Google & Bing.

Your online course trainers are highly experienced with over 20 years of practical knowledge on how to create change through SEO. Your highly experience trainer will give you a step by step process to ensure your website is found in search, your site gets more traffic and they get real about creating more conversions for your organisation.

Dechra Veterinary Products, LLC

The course was very informative, I need to put into action the things I learned. The course has given me a lot of tools to help improve SEO and the confidence to do this within the company

Rachel Horton Product Manager


🎉After a fascinating day learning all things #SEO, I am pleased to share my certificate of completion.

To anyone interested in upskilling in this increasingly important area of marketing, I cannot recommend this comprehensive and insightful course enough.

Siobhan Bates Content Marketer

William Morris London

Completed a great course in SEO, definitely very insightful and provided me with tools I can use to further develop in digital marketing - thanks to Graham Hansell!

Lily Rylands Marketing Executive

What you will learn:

  • Future focused SEO
  • What SEO is and the difference from Search Engine Friendly design
  • How to make your website Search Engine Friendly for free
  • Build business focused SEO campaigns that show real ROI
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Who is the course for ?

  • Website owners
  • Digital marketing managers
  • Build business focused SEO campaigns that show real ROI

Who it is not for..

  • Technical SEOs who think they can “trick” Google to do what they want
  • Marketing people who just focus on positioning or traffic

About the Search Engine Optimization online training course

The Search Engine optimization course is a comprehensive live online training course. The course is hosted over zoom. You will be in a small group of other marketing professionals. In a friendly "ask any question" environment.

You will be lead through a proven SEO framework, which 3,000 other marketing professionals have benefited from. You will finish the day better organised and equipped with practical tools to take your SEO program to the next step with provable results your business will love.

 The Sitelynx SEO training course is in 9 modules delivered over 3 sessions over 3 different dates. This allows the attendees to reflect on their training, how to apply it and submit questions that arise.

  • Demand - Identify your websites audience with data so you can develop an effective communication strategy
  • Competitor Environment - Understand where their success comes from and what you can replicate or improve upon to take the lead in the SEO race.
  • Content - Identify which content you currently have which performs strongly so you can ring fence it in any website redevelopment program
  • Links - From cross linking to inbound toxic links, what is holding back your success ? How to build positive traffic driving links for the future of SEO
  • User Experience - Where do customers leave you and why ? Yes you could bring in an external consultant to investigate this, but with our course you can identify the main causes yourself
  • Technical and trust. With over 30 years working behind websites. We can help you to diagnose if a piece of coding is holding back your revenue.
  • Editorial - what should your future content development plan include ?
  • Reporting and Analysis - Search Engine Optimization would not be complete without reporting your successes and identifying failures. In the words of Google "if your going to fail, then fail fast and learn"

Reviews from Marketing professionals, just like you :


"Thank you Graham Hansell for leading this great course and sharing your expertise."

Olivia Tanner Marketing Manager

Coolings Garden Centre

A fantastic training day with Graham Hansell learning all things SEF/SEO (Search Engine Friendly / Optimisation).

Excited to put the tools and skills I’ve learned into practice at Coolings Garden Centre 🌼🧰

#marketing #seo #seomarketing #cim #coolingsgc

Clare Gallon Marketing Executive


Brilliant training day on SEO - lots of valuable insights from Graham Hansell to put to good use.

James Paull-Wills Senior PR & Content Executive
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