Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay Per Click Marketing Investment

Most advertisers are missing the point and focusing on clicks and cost per click of their campaigns.

Here is the Sitelynx take on the "bankers mantra".

So your Pay Per Click campaigns have to put your brand's offers in the searcher’s ‘customer-journey’. 

Ultimately, we must remember the primary focus in any digital marketing is communication & persuasion of people.

Gone are the days when it was just one Ad Format or Channel over another in the Paid Media mix, now with search, display, local, video and apps.
Let me help you plan, launch, optimize and report from your various campaign mix.

Then you as a brand can move from the vanity of clicks to the reality of customers and business.

Clicks are Vanity

Conversions are Sanity

But Customers are Reality

Get More For Your Budget

Whatever Campaigns your company is running, I can help you invest that budget in better Returns on Advertising Spend.

Business Focused PPC Consultancy

New PPC campaigns Researched, Planned and Launched?

I will ensure your best media investment.

Pay Per Click Support

Old Google AdWords campaigns that need updating?

Need regular powerful Campaign Optimization.

Improve on your Media Investment Return with Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Optimization reviews

Pay Per Click Training Courses

Have a Team that have learned PPC "on the job"?

Let me train them in a structured successful PPC investment framework  

Paid Search

Search works because the user is starts and engages with the process, "lean in" rather than "laid back", meaning they give it more of their personal attention time.

As attention is the currency of communication and persuasion - Search wins


In a world where Paid Search is constantly evolving, many businesses face a daily challenge
of keeping their PPC campaigns running efficiently whilst being profitable.
Whether you’re a business that is just starting out or a well-established company with over 20
offices in different countries, you would be surprised at the similarity in the problems you will
Pay Per Click is no longer about just buying keywords and showing text ads. You can also take advantage of the various ad enhancements that will help make your campaign more effective and successful.
These range from integrating product feeds into your campaign so that your ads can be expanded to show the products you are selling before the user has even arrived at your site. You can also have additional text links in your ad, enabling you to drive users to specific content or products on your site.
There are also more sophisticated means of targeting your audience. Want to run ads to show up for iPad users? Need to target customers of a specific mobile network? Want to reach out to users who have abandoned their baskets via retargeting?
I have the knowledge and know-how to help you reach and grow your target audience, business sales and presence.

Paid Search

What ever your campaign conversion goals I have the experience to deliver better returns in Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Amazon Ads.

  • e Commerce marketing Sales
  • PPC Lead Generation
  • Paid Search Brand Awareness and Defense

PPC campaign plan

Over 20 years I have developed a Pay Per Click Search Plan framework that works.

The steps are simple and summed up in the single word DEPLOY PPC

The steps to the PPC Plan are:

  • audience Demand research
  • competitor Environment research
  • paid search Plan
  • campaign Launch
  • campaign Optimization
  • media investment Yield reporting


  • I can provide Consultancy on your new campaigns PPC planning using DEPLOY PPC success framework 
  • Provide regular Support on optimizing your current campaigns
  • I can Train your team to use the DEPLOY PPC framework to give them confidence, control and better returns 

Social Pay Per Click

Social Advertising works because the user "engaged with their scroll", "laid back" getting emational updates from their digital world. This means Social Ads a huge amount of personal exposure time.

Social Ads using all the target ability of the networks deliver massive audience reach with micro targeting capabilities. For Brand Offers that can stand our emotionally - Social wins

Paid Social vs Paid Search

Paid Social has strong emotional messaging appeal.

Paid Search answers users questions & queries.

Find the emotion and the audience problems in your offer and both work 

  • Offering has strong Emotional messaging - Paid Social wins
  • Offering solves "rational" Problems - Paid Search wins
  • Different benefits & features of the offering - Combine Paid Social & Search wins 

Paid Social

Whatever your campaign conversion goals I have the experience to deliver better returns in Facebook Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads.

  • e Commerce Sales Revenue
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness and Defense

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With 20 years experience of digital advertising, my Paid media training courses cover all aspects of PPC:

  • Google Ads for Beginners
  • Advanced Google Ads
  • B2B Social & Search PPC
  • eCommerce Social & Search PPC

About the Author

I have been using Pay Per Click for client's success since before Google Ads/AdWords (yes there was Paid Search before Google, it was called

I founded Sitelynx in 1996 and started using PPC in 1999

Myself and my companies have done PPC across the world in most sectors targeting most audiences.

I produce practical SEO, PPC & Analytics solutions with a strong focus on the 20% that produces the 80% impact.

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