Sitelynx recommends Kadence for building powerful growth focused websites. After working with WordPress for over 10 years we feel this has the right balance of features and ease of use to allow anyone to build a website they can be successful with.

Please note Sitelynx is an partner of Kadence, only after extensive testing and use on our own websites. We do get a small payment from Kadence if you sign up from our links in this page. This won't cost you anymore and if you sign up for Kadence plugins and themes from our page and contact us then we will give you a free course on how to use these to build a lead generation website.

Embark on a Seamless Website Building Experience

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Building an effective website is more than just a task; it's an art. At KadenceWP, they understand that you pour your heart, soul, and insights into every project. That's why they offer the tools that transform your vision into reality with ease and efficiency. The Kadence Theme is your gateway to a world where versatility meets speed. Start with our vast library of starter templates and launch your site swiftly.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

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Why limit your creativity when you can expand it with Kadence Blocks? Experience the freedom to build any layout you can imagine. The powerful page-building tools for WordPress are designed to turn your ideas into engaging content effortlessly.

Grow Your eCommerce Reach

Boost Your Sales with Shop Kit

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, staying ahead is key. Shop Kit, their premier WooCommerce extension, is crafted to escalate your online store's performance. From enhancing user experience to boosting your revenue, Shop Kit is the growth catalyst your eCommerce site needs.

Maximize Engagement and Conversions

Enhance Engagement with Conversions Tool

Transform visitors into loyal customers and audience members. Their lightweight yet powerful tools – popups, banners, and slide-ins – are engineered to boost sales and build engagement without weighing down your site.

Improve Your Website's SEO With Kadence

Kadence Themes and Blocks takes your WordPress site back to the core code rather than slowing your site down with more and more code.

Your site can easily get scores of 80+ with mobile and 90+ with desktop on Google Page Speed using Kadence Theme and Blocks, which every website owner should be looking for.

Why KadenceWP?

Fast, Flexible, and Future-Proof.
At KadenceWP, we align with our mission: insight, Action, GROW. Kadence empowers you to act on your insights and grow your online presence. The tools are not just about building websites; they're about expanding your digital footprint, reaching new heights, and achieving growth in every click.

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