Graham Hansell: Digital Marketing Expert and Innovator

About Graham Hansell

Graham Hansell is a renowned figure in the digital marketing world, with over two decades of experience in the industry. He has established himself as an expert in digital strategy, search engine marketing, and online analytics. Graham's journey in digital marketing began in the early days of the internet, and since then, he has been at the forefront of digital innovation.

Professional Journey

Graham's career is marked by a series of pioneering roles in various digital marketing agencies and in-house teams. He has worked with a range of clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies, providing strategic guidance and implementing effective digital marketing campaigns. His expertise lies in understanding the evolving digital landscape and leveraging the latest tools and trends to drive success for businesses.

Contributions and Achievements

    • Author and Speaker: Graham is a respected author, having written extensively on the subjects of search engine marketing and analytics. He is also a sought-after speaker, sharing his insights at various industry conferences and events.

    • Training and Education: Committed to education, Graham has developed and delivered numerous training programs in digital marketing. He has also served as a mentor to aspiring marketers, helping them navigate the complexities of the digital world.

    • Innovative Strategies: Known for his innovative approach, Graham has helped businesses adapt to the digital age, focusing on integrating traditional marketing with digital strategies for maximum impact.

Services and Consultation

Graham offers a range of services including:

    • Digital Strategy Consultation: Assisting businesses in developing comprehensive digital strategies that align with their goals.

    • Search Engine Marketing: Expert guidance on SEO and SEM to improve online visibility and drive targeted traffic.

    • Analytics and Insights: Providing deep insights into customer behavior and campaign performance to inform decision-making.


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My team recently participated in a customized in-company GA4 training session led by Graham Hansell of Sitelynx.

Graham is very knowledgeable, helpful and patient, leveraging his extensive experience to provide meaningful insights into the GA4 tool.

He took time to understand our current GA setup, business goals, and tailored the training to our specific needs and use cases, focusing on the areas and metrics that are most relevant to us. He also got us started on creating custom dashboards and reports that are extremely beneficial for future reporting. The GA4 tool is very broad, and we struggled trying to navigate through so many different online trainings to get the answers we needed. Graham’s training not only answered our questions, but it also provided the essentials to understanding GA4, gave us a great look at new features and capabilities, and caught us up on the latest best practices.

It has helped us improve our use of GA4 and gain valuable insights into our business.

We also greatly appreciated receiving videos from the training to refresh our skills and continue utilizing the resources Graham provided.

Overall, the training was a great investment for our company – we highly recommend it to other professionals using GA4.

Christine Lamont

Website Manager

Donaldson Group

I’ve worked with Graham at two different businesses now and I can’t recommend his training sessions enough.

For months GA4 was just a looming grey cloud we avoided talking about, but now we feel comfortable and excited for the change after seeing the art of the possible.

Graham kindly tailored the course to our specific requirements, leaving no stone unturned and no questions unanswered.

Fergus Bell

Digital Commerce Director

Donaldson Group

Graham’s GA4 training for Admins and Users was invaluable to our preparation and delivery of the migration from UA to GA4.

Understanding the fundamentals of the new GA4 platform laid the perfect foundation to better-understand how we can best leverage the new tools and insights available from GA4 for our business.

Working within him 1:1 ensured the time spent was perfectly aligned with our business needs.

All in, we moved from trepidation to optimism about living with GA4.

Al Conroy

Ecommerce Consultant