Google Analytics 4 training 

Join 3,000 successful other Marketing professionals !



Google Analytics training 

Join 3000 successful other Marketing professionals !



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Join our next Google Analytics 4 online training course online in June 2022. There are various class dates available in a time zone to suit you.

NEXT COURSE: August 2022

TIME : 09.00 EST

Google Analytics 4 training

Your friendly course instructor will guide you through a live Google Analytics 4 training course online. You can ask questions of your trainer and get further in-depth guidance on items you or your business are finding challenging to answer.

We have trained over 3,000 marketing professionals like you in a wide range of digital marketing skills from Search engine optimization, to Paid search, data management and Google Analytics. With over 25 years of practical experience, we challenge you come up with a question we can't resolve !

We also offer bespoke training for marketing departments if you want to raise the game for your entire team.

About the Google Analytics 4 online training course

The Google Analytics 4 online training course is a comprehensive live online training course. The course is hosted over zoom. You will be in a small group of other marketing professionals. In a friendly "ask any question" environment.

Introducing the new features of GA4 and the changes between this and Google Universal Analytics.

Real-World examples using GA4 to produce Conversions, Insights, Alerts, Dashboards, Reports and Analysis

In this online Google Analytics course you will learn :

  • How to set up Google Analytics 4 to record what you want as conversions
  • Set up your GA4 to send you automatic alerts on major site changes
  • Understand how to report on goals which are important to your business
  • Learn how to use Insights to improve your marketing and website performance
  • Produce reports and automate them
  • Structure your advertising measurement to give important way points for your customers journey
  • Explore your User’s data for even more Insights
  • A Free Template Dashboard in Google Data Studio to improve your GA4 reporting

Who is the online course for?

Those who are new to Google Analytics 4.

You will need to have had Google Analytics 4 setup already as we will not be covering installation (for that see our migration to GA4 course).

You have never used Google Analytics before and are starting with Google Analytics4


You have basic experience of Universal Google Analytics and are looking to replicate your old Universal Analytics reports and organise your data between the 2 systems.

You will need a login to both Google Universal Analytics and also Google Analytics 4

National Foundation for Educational Research

Brilliant, thank you so much for the Google Analytics course today, it was really valuable

Geological Society of London

Really insightful and enjoyable Google Analytics 4 training completed yesterday, course led by

Jenny Blythe Marketing Manager

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Thank you very much, very interesting and in-depth Google Analytics course. Lots of notes taken today 🙂

Eloisa Lloyd-William Digital Media Assistant

Who is this online training course unsuitable for?

  • People with a Online Store and need Ecommerce in GA4. Due to additional complexity please see our dedicated course for GA4 Ecommerce.
  • Migration from Google Universal Analytics and Setup

Online training course delivery

Following best practice for virtual training the training course is broken into 45 mins chapters with breaks in between to allow you time to get your energy back.

Your course director is live in the zoom session with you and will lead you through the course taking questions and resolving the challenges you maybe facing with your Google Analytics 4.

We recommend you to treat this as “offsite training”. There will be a lot of information exchanged and this will be difficult to absorb if you are also trying to do your day job in parallel.

This is a live interactive online course, involving discussion and growth. We leave no person behind.

Course Outline

Chapter 1 - Data

1. data sources
2. What is counted and how
3. reports, insights actions
4. what can't web analytics do?

Chapter 2 - Enable

1. GA4 Conversions set up
2. Events and conversion goals
3. Content
4. Lead Gen

Chapter 3 - Control

1. Alerts
2. Google analytics 4 Intelligent Alerts

Chapter 4 - Insights

1. How to make decisions with GA4
2. Data Studio Dashboards
3. Real-time analytics
4. Explorations for Content & Lead Generation

Chapter 5 - Drive Reports

1. Acquisition sources
2. Audience
3. Behaviour
4. Conversions

Chapter 6 - Ensure

1. Insights
2. Reporting
3. Explore

All training will be recorded and provided through your own online course environment. So you can revisit lessons and embed your learning

Vero Screening

After next July, Google Analytics will never be the same again 💔
Thanks, Vero Screening for supporting my skills building on how to work with and utilize new GA4 properties with Graham Hansell

Jessica Veal Marketing Manager

Geological Society of London

Really insightful and enjoyable Google Analytics 4 training completed yesterday, course led by

Jenny Blythe Marketing Manager

CIL Management Consultants

Thank you to Graham Hansell for running this insightful Google Analytics course.

I will use the lessons learned to evaluate and measure how marketing and content are performing, to enhance our digital offering. I also look forward to investigating Google's new analytics platform, GA4, further.

#googleanalytics #googleanalytics4

Caitlin Minter Marketing Executive

Google Analytics 4 training 

Join 3000 successful other Marketing professionals !



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