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The New Google Analytics 4

Our Google Analytics services stem from a deep understanding of how real customers use the web.After 25 years of generating leads and sales. Sitelynx have always put data and reporting but more importantly Insights & Actions at the heart of everything we do.

At Sitelynx have developed and use our own measurement framework DAARTS to ensure we can see the journeys across multiple digital channels and impacts that they have on different parts of the customer journey.

Sitelynx now provides cutting edge training, setup and support for Google Analytics 4. We strongly believe that GA4 is the right solution for most organizations looking for the best analytics for their website marketing.

Actionable Analytics

As strong advocates of the Data, Reports, Insights, and Action (DRIA) loop focused on uncovering simple, actionable insights that can reveal the truth of a marketing plan’s success and be used to optimize.

From web analytics to multivariate testing to tracking user journeys through to offline sales, we will work with you to successfully analyse and optimize your digital assets.

Move Beyond Reports

Being Insight driven means reports are just a tool. It's what the reports tell you that I will show you 

Take Action

Taking Data Driven Actions allows to build a Test and Learn culture in your marketing & Company

Segment Your Real Customers

Using Data to test and challenge traditional marketing personas allows for Real Customer Insights

The DAARTS Framework

DAARTS is the measurement and reporting framework Sitelynx has developed to ensure digital marketing is working efficiently. If there are any problems with a website or campaign, using the DAARTS framework will provide success diagnosis of where the problems are. 

DECIDE Analytics Training

Sitelynx have developed the the DECIDE Analytics training programs:

  • Google Analytics 4 for New Users
  • Google Analytics 4 for Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics 4 for PPC
  • Google Analytics 4 for SEO

Learn Data Collection

All of our GA4 courses shows you the best methods to collect data using:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics 4

Develop Your Own Reports

GA4 is very flexible and our training will teach you how to edit the reports to get to the information you need using:

  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Data Studio


Our Courses will show you how to use Data anomalies to for Real Customer Insights.

By focusing on Insights will lead quicker to Actions that need to be taken to improve your marketing 

We will teach you this core strength of Google Analytics 4

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Free Training

Sitelynx provides free training in the new Google Analytics 4 to get you started on this exciting new way of web measurement. 

Natashia da Silva Digital Marketer

Global Pricing Innovations (GPI)

Thank you Graham Hansell for hosting Google Analytics 4 training. Big thank you to Global Pricing Innovations (GPI) for sending me for this.

National Foundation for Educational Research

Brilliant, thank you so much for the Google Analytics course today, it was really valuable

Jessica Veal Marketing Manager

Vero Screening

After next July, Google Analytics will never be the same again 💔
Thanks, Vero Screening for supporting my skills building on how to work with and utilize new GA4 properties with Graham Hansell

Eloisa Lloyd-William Digital Media Assistant

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Thank you very much, very interesting and in-depth Google Analytics course. Lots of notes taken today :)

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